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Qi2: The Next Generation Wireless Charging Revolution
May 1, 2024

Qi2 is an enhanced wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in 2023. It is based on Apple's MagSafe charging technology and incorporates Apple's Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) technology to provide a better wireless charging user experience and pave the way for the development of future new features and enhanced functionality.


Qi2 chargers use magnetism to quickly align the charger with the device, minimizing charging time and protecting the battery life and integrity of the device.

What are Qi2’s advantages?


Increased Efficiency: Qi2 uses magnetic power distribution mapping technology to ensure a perfect match between the charger and the device,making the charging process more efficient and improving the user experience.

Charging Rate: Wireless charging devices certified with Qi2 can provide up to 15W of charging for Qi2-enabled devices. This is three times higher than the original standard (5W) and nearly twice the power of Apple's MagSafe wireless charging when it was launched (7.5W).

Safety: Qi2 wireless charging technology adopts stricter safety standards, which can more effectively prevent safety risks such as overheating and overcharging, ensuring the safety of wireless charging.

Compatibility: Qi2 supports iPhone 15-12 and is compatible with other MagSafe devices, and is available for Android manufacturers to integrate into their future devices.

Sustainability: Eliminate the wear and tear of daily plugging and unplugging of cables, reducing unnecessary resource waste.

What are the Differences Between Qi2 and MagSafe?


Qi2 and MagSafe both use magnets to safely and efficiently wirelessly connect chargers to smartphones, and both offer faster charging than standard Qi. Currently, Qi2 and MagSafe reach the same 15W power. However, WPC plans to support higher wattages for faster charging in the future.

MagSafe is mainly aimed at Apple devices, and Qi2 technology, as a new industry standard, will be open to all device manufacturers, which means that future Android devices, wireless headsets, mice, etc. can be easily adopted.

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