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  • 1. Do all iPhones support Qi2?关闭
    Qi2 15W fast charging only supports iPhone 13-15 running on iOS 17.2 or higher, and iPhone 12  running on iOS 17.4 or higher.
  • 2. Can a phone case affect wireless charging?关闭
    For the best wireless charging experience, we recommend using Apple's official magnetic phone cases. You should avoid cases thicker than 2.5 mm and non-magnetic cases, as they may affect charging efficiency.
  • 3. Is the wireless charges safe to use when it gets warm/hot?关闭
    Slight warming during wireless charging is normal, especially under heavy use. The product's metal build enhances heat dissipation for efficient charging, which may result in a warmer feel.
  • 4. Is it normal for the power bank to get slightly warm during use?关闭
    Slight heating due to efficiency losses in the conversion circuit is normal. 
  • 5. Why is my power bank providing fewer charges than expected?关闭
    The capacity reduction during charging is due to a 30% to 45% energy loss in the battery cells and conversion circuitry. 
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